Thursday, 29 December 2011

Dutch watery landscape

Yes, it is a land of lakes and rivers, ponds and pools. Went by train from Amsterdam to Maastricht on Christmas Day; a quiet grey sky much of the time, the leafless trees black against the the pale silvery light, the rich green fields stretching off into the horizon. All flat; little patch of land beneath a huge high sky. Very soothing to watch as the train zips along.
Seeing the three grandchildren together for the first time is simply fascinating. They are sooo different. But bond very well. Will try to attach pix. No, they are still in a file sent by Daniel!
Nathan, aged two, pronounced "Baby Yara" most convincingly; he stroked her head gently and she was very appreciative!
Isaak talked about pirates and dinosaurs and constructed a galleon from a Playmobile set...
More later...

Here are some pix of the last evening in Ostia before flying northwards. A wonderful sunset -- we walked past the bird sanctuary and met a delightful Italian lady (from Rome) whose son is studying Agriculture at Wageningen Uni. We sent him "groetjes".

The Italin word for sunset is "tramonte" which would translate as something like "through the mountains" -- I find "beyond the hills" also acceptable...

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