Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cultivating mon jardin

Peaceful in Amsterdam while beyond in various parts of the world, people rage and kill (as it has always been) ... But here, I have made a garden which encloses a circle of quiet. Right now a friend who is a dancer and choreographer is using the space outside ... the sun shines and the colours of the sky and the newly-planted flowers dance with her.
This city, and my home, could be anywhere; that is, anywhere not too burningly hot, deafeningly noisy or drenchingly wet. Right now it is perfect: warm, slight breeze, calm light.
I have lots of small plastic pots waiting in the garden (arranged) to be planted. And a bottle of good white (French this time) wine cooling in the fridge for when the unexpected visitor arrives.

Next week back to the boat in Italy.
This was a very good refreshing few weeks, on land, steady underfoot, space to stretch ...
There are still more boxes to empty (books and exercise notepads from my student days, over fifty years ago...) but with each load that goes out, I experience a sense of uplift. Away with a past that is virtually forgotten... Now let me come to terms with the lacunae (joke) and attend to my present and the days to come.
Will try to put a pic of the garden with its new look...