Thursday, 14 March 2019

Wild winds, polluted seas

Today I left the boat, in favour of dry land. A month of urban busy-ness lies ahead... But also some time in the beauties of the Norwegian winter landscape.
Here is David closing the hatches, as it were...

The wind is whirling the leaves and pushing people as they hurry along. We make it to Vannes, only to find there are two hotels with the same name, and I'd reserved a room in the wrong one!
Happily, the first hotel kindly cancelled the booking and I was given a room in the one we wanted (same name, part of a chain: hence the confusion!). So now we're housed in the Hotel Ibis opposite the railway station in Vannes, whence we depart on Saturday morning.

I spent a quiet restful day, watching the French TV and feeling extremely glad I don't have one at home.
Full of bad, sad news about events one can do nothing to affect or alter. Like Brexit.

But here's a photo of the robin who sang so gloriously every day at dawn ... and through the long afternoons.
Filling the air with rapture.
And often on an evening walk along the riverside, this was how it looked:

Or like this one below (I've made this one my screen-saver...).
Whatsoever things are lovely, think on these things...

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Still in Brittanny

Rural peace and dramatic seascapes while the British parliament (representatives of the Briitsh population, so they tell me) votes about Brexit (to stay or not to stay). The whole story is so degenerate (good word!) I refrain from further comment.

I've been playing with my photos, here a couple of examples. Tomorrow I set off for Vannes, and thence back to Amsterdam. Two pix of David looking westwards towards the Atlantic...