Sunday, 24 February 2019

The days and minutes in between

There are several weeks uncounted for, from early January to 14 February, when I arrived in France...
Two of these were spent in Italy, first in Follonica and thereabouts (Tuscany); after which I took the freccia bianca and trained northward from springtime on the Mediterranean coast to the snowy north of Piedmonte, and my dear city of Torino.
Follonica: spent a restful and mind-clearing week with Roberta and Walter speaking as much Tuscan Italian as possible (!) and relishing Roberta's superb cooking.
Some sunset views from outside their house in Follonica, looking towards the Island Elba

We went for long walks along the beach, and skirting the fields where wild asses roam (no, actually, where donkeys / jennys (??) are kept. I am told a female donkey is a "jenny"; these were kept for their milk, which has special properties...

From French Brittany in February

Spring is here, clumps of celandine glow golden in the grassy verges of the steep pathways leading from the river Vilaine up to the medieval centre of La Roche-Bernard.
A totally photogenic part of Brittany, the southern part near the Gulf of Morbihan.
I arrived here on St Valentine's Day (appropriately) to be met by David in the railway station of Vannes.
After a short drive we reached the marina here in La Roche-Bernard, and there was our boat Stroemhella, idling at her moorings...
A new chapter begins.
Below: shining celandine ; Stroemhella at her mooring ; hazel catkins...

Beyond Stroemhella the steep bank of the river Vilaine.

And this is spring in northern Europe.