Monday, 13 January 2014

Another year, another land...

I see it is five weeks since I wrote anything on my blog.
Have been travelling, of course.
First from Dubai to Amsterdam, where a very merry Christmas was spent and all the family were gathered, young and old, including two-week old granddaughter Isis Willemijn.
Then on New Year's Eve David and I flew to Luton (avoiding the firework-bombing of Amsterdam!) and spent a more quiet time with family and friends.
Since then we have been traing and driving to various parts of England, such as Colchester, Manchester (Wilmslow and Hale), Wolverhampton, and now I am in Cirencester, over in the southwest (well, Cotswolds country).
There is much flooding in parts of the UK but apart from watery fields I have not witnessed too much wetness.
Have watched TV news some days, mostly horrible reports from Central Africa, or Syria. Yesterday a former prime minister of a small country in the Middle East died after being in a coma for eight years. Is this news, we wonder? And if so, why?
It is so different being in England again, and feeling so out of touch with the contemporary culture here.
I stop so that the table can be cleared for supper... this is the England I grew up in!