Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Just past Valentine's Day

Haven't caught up and another year is skating past... Today went to Leiden to see the exhibition on Carthage in the museum for old and ancient times (Oudheidkunde museum)... Very informative, and I gained a great sense of space, for although it's a relatively small museum there was no feeling of squashed-in items. Also pleasant to recognize those thousand-year-old pieces of pottery, and draped marble statues; seen their brothers and sisters in Turkey, Greece, Italy ... nice to think at last I develop an understanding of Mediterranean cultural history.
And here are Dido and Hannibal and various old friends not encountered for the past fifty years or so.

We discuss age and where we want to spend out latter days. Near to my children and grandchildren and people I love. Maybe not in a big city, too much pollution of all kinds. We wonder whether the world is any worse (more violent) today that in the eighth century BCE. Think probably not (maybe, even, on the whole less bloodthirsty...?) Just that our speedy-Gonzalez media blaze the bloodthirstiness within a matter of moments. When I don't read the violent news, have I lost touch with my world, I wonder?

Looking forward to sleeping rocked by the waves once more, and the sound of the wind in the rigging. In one week's time we return to Bari. Much to be done here until then...
And now to bed... so many great books to read, while the light lasts.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Farewell Borneo

As always, I have run out of time ... all that luscious jungle now only a memory, all those sweaty days exchanged for shivering in the bathroom. Am sitting in Singapore airport and the voices of my grandchildren echo in my head while other small people here screech and shout and laugh. I think my free wifi time is going to run out any moment now, so I'll go off and search for one of the flower gardens that beautify this airport. And perhaps a refreshing cup of green china tea...
Happily I have a detailed account made while David and I made our trip in Sarawak; and many photos. The memories can be refreshed.