Sunday, 16 November 2014

See Naples and die...

This is what the Italians say who live south of Rome ... or maybe it's what the Romans say, because of course they don't need to see their own city before they die... Who knows? Anyway, I took a coach from Bari (the central station) across the Appenines, a journey of three hours, and arrived in Naples at lunch time.
Sitting beside me on the bus was a lady born in Iraq and married to a man from Bari. During the journey she told me some of her amazing life story. A week or so later we visited her and her husband in the Bari suburb where they presently live. More later, I hope.
First some exclamations of delight about Naples (Napoli). My friend and I loved every minute of it. I plan to write in detail some Napolitan sketches; suffice it to say, two days were far too short... more visits planned.
Will now try to attach delightful pic of me, my Italian teacher and his small black dog, who is being held by and obscuring the face of David. The setting is of course the coast at Bari, an ice-cream parlour where we had just enjoyed a delicious cup of hot chocolate.
Yes, like many Italians, food is a major topic of interest for us... Not quite sure the attachment of this picture is going to work...