Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Winter winds in Bari?

We have a wonderful spell of warm sunny weather right now, but rain is forecast for tomorrow and the next few days and monstrous winds from the south, creating nine-metre-high waves in Otranto in a couple of days' time.
Glad to be in Bari...
We continue to explore the nearby surroundings, yesterday came across a cinema showing a film I've already seen in English, which might well be good for my Italian, if it's all dubbed.
I continue my excellent Italian lessons with Andrea, law graduate from Bari, now unable to find work, and becoming rather depressed. Unfortunately, the economic situation is not so glowing in many parts of Europe ... and one's land of birth and the culture with which one grew up and which one understands is, I find, of great importance ... (what a nasty sentence, sorry about that!).
David and I are busy planning the next few months and have now booked trips to Napoli, Torino and Amsterdam (and David to the UK). The big adventure is our trip to Borneo (that is, Brunei) to see Judy and family, in January.
Hence my present reading about Brunei's political past (and present) and the story of the Brookes in the nineteenth century. Fascinating, new worlds...
Today will be my first swim in the sports facilities next door (in new swimming costume bought yesterday in Decathlon).
So much discovery going on, so many conversations...

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