Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Heading for Alicante

We are moving slowly down the Spanish coast in Stroemhella: interesting weather patterns and wonderful food.
We walk a lot, that's to counteract the paella.
Finding out more and more about the Phoenicians...

Monday, 21 September 2015

South from Valencia

Sailing again. Flew down to Valencia on Spain's east coast to join David on Stroemhella.
Had to re-adjust to the smallness of the boat and the well-known inconveniences (there is an intentional pun there, for those who seek...)
But after some torrential downpours (albeit warm) the blessed sun returned and now, a couple of weeks further on (it is now the third week of September) I have re-found my happy vibes...
The balmy sea air shivers the waves into molten pewter or silver (depending how wealthy you feel) and I delight in the gently rocking boat.
Manage to do some Pilates exercises thought admittedly somewhat restricted.
Eat wondrous paella and bocadillos; try not to speak Italian when addressing a Spaniard!
After the joys of Valencia experienced quiter days in Gandia.
And tomorrow to Denia, rocky promontory staring towards Ibiza...
The poems are brooding.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New Year in Valencia

Just for the record ... Spain this winter.
Flew down to Valencia from Amsterdam on 2 September.
Have been practising speaking Spanish ever since.
Terrible internet connection here, so keeping this short...