Monday, 21 September 2015

South from Valencia

Sailing again. Flew down to Valencia on Spain's east coast to join David on Stroemhella.
Had to re-adjust to the smallness of the boat and the well-known inconveniences (there is an intentional pun there, for those who seek...)
But after some torrential downpours (albeit warm) the blessed sun returned and now, a couple of weeks further on (it is now the third week of September) I have re-found my happy vibes...
The balmy sea air shivers the waves into molten pewter or silver (depending how wealthy you feel) and I delight in the gently rocking boat.
Manage to do some Pilates exercises thought admittedly somewhat restricted.
Eat wondrous paella and bocadillos; try not to speak Italian when addressing a Spaniard!
After the joys of Valencia experienced quiter days in Gandia.
And tomorrow to Denia, rocky promontory staring towards Ibiza...
The poems are brooding.

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