Sunday, 22 January 2012

January 2012

One month has passed (thirty days with their nights, as Wordsworth might have said -- that's one for you, Clive).
David and I flew to Amsterdam and then took the train south to Maastricht to spend a thoroughly delightful Christmas Day with Daniel and Judy and their families -- all three grandchildren together, see charming pix on Daniel's Picasa. Above a snowy picture from my back yard last Christmas; this year all warm and dry (well, pretty much so...).  
We spent New Year's Eve with Simone, friend for more than twenty years -- I met her when I translated a book she was writing and illustrating, published by the Amsterdam City Press. Some of her paintings hang on the walls in my house.
Pause here to phone David who is on Stroemhella whilst I visit Vreni in Uster, Switzerland...

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