Wednesday, 7 December 2011

"Stroemhella" our home...

Thought I'd attach a few pix of "Stroemhella". She is an aluminum-hulled yacht, built in Hinderloopen, Friesland, by Aluboot. Her first owner was Dick Koopmans and she features in his book "Van Spitsbergen naar de Azores", under the name Jeantine IV.
We bought her in 2009 and she was rejuvenated in Hinderloopen during the following months.
When we left Turin (Torino) in September 2010 David began getting the boat's interiors in order.
We sailed a few times on the IJsselmeer, admiring the boat's stability.
We kept her in the water during the winter of 2010-2011 -- for a while she was encased in ice.

Early summer 2011 we moved her to Enkhuizen.
More work on her interior, and learning to cook on her extremely safe paraffin stove (two-burner).
At a later date David even baked bread in the specially-adapted pan which cooks on one of the burners (there is no oven).
In June, together with my cousin Steve, David sailed / chugged down from Enkhuizen to Amsterdam.
There, after many trials and tribulations (and having been joined by our good friend and crew on many a "Mitigator" voyage, Lucas Kuys) the expedition to the Mediterranean set off...
I will add some stories about my adventures in June and July 2011 in Santiago de Compostela, and with the boat on the Canal du Midi.
Now jump to early September 2011 when David arrived in Ostia (Porto Turistico di Roma) where I joined him in September and began a new life as the captain's wife (!!).

Sunset pic of the marina in Ostia, mare poco mosso:

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  1. Like this story :-)

    Klinkt als een mooi nieuw stukje leven!
    Wie weet gaat het een keer lukken om jullie nog eens op te zoeken en julie trots in het echt te komen bewonderen :-) !

    Lefs Elisa