Monday, 12 December 2011

like an ever-rolling stream...

Time is running out...Just two more days and we leave Dubai.
I enjoy it so much being with Judy and Christiaan and the boys; and of course exploring with David. It is all very relaxed. Is this the blessing of old age???
It's been quite a busy time with all the activities at the boys' schools. Isaak has a Dutch lesson once a week, and also a swimming lesson (see Facebook for pix of Isaak swimming).
David is busy editing book and gathering info for article about tidal energy that he plans to write.
I have been reading the International Herald Tribune for my news intake. Today report about three Arab women who have been jointly awarded the Nobel prize for peace.
And much about the wobbling euro...

Meanwhile the boys explore their particular worlds.
Isaak constructs a lighthouse taller than himself; Nathan is a Wise Man with a crown. He listens while I sing...

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