Saturday, 3 December 2011

night in Dubai

Outside the cars drive tooting down the boulevards -- slowing reminding themselves that their confederation of emirate states has existed for forty years. We live in a "courtyard" with high walls and a sliding metal fence to admit visitors in vehicles. There are about eight detached residences forming an oblong block and a small swimming pool at the end opposite the entrance. A mixed bunch of families live here, multi-ethnic. Several children. Today we attended the Dutch-speaking population's celebrations in honour of the dear old bishop, Sint Nikolaas. He arrived at the school with his black attendants who scattered the traditional small ginger cookies. The children entertained their episcopal visitor on the stage -- singing little songs, dancing, acting short plays. Considerable performing talent! There were apparently over 350 children expected. At the end they each received a present from the Saint (a stately figure, far more dignified than his yo-ho-ho-ing cousin Santa Claus).My grandson (aged 4) was given a cut-out to make of the Saint and his steam-boat. Spent a happy two hours working on this with Grandad David (See photos-- if I can attach some!).

The weather continues perfect. David and I walked along the edge of the damp white sand (clean and white, scattered with tiny shells) toes licked by the warm wavelets and watched an opal sunset behind Jumeira Hotel.
Then back to Judy's homemade wholemeal-base pizza. Crunchy, says Isaak.

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