Saturday, 3 December 2011

Celebrating 40 years UAE and the presence of Sint Nikolaas in Dubai

Today is Saturday and a day of rest in this part of the world. The sun shines joyously and there is a celebration arranged for the 300-plus Dutch children, to sing songs for Sint Nikolaas who has his birthday in a few days' time. So off we drove with our two grandsons and joined in the sampling of stroop waffles and watched the prantics of the many Black Petes (now, to be politically correct, apparently "black" because they go down sooty chimneys to deliver presents for the children...). Back home the boys play with their presents while outside the many birds chirp and chirrup. A great sense of tranquillity. Possibly right now the quietest place in the Middle East...Off now to walk along the beach and watch the sun go down. By the way, we flew here via Zurich, from Malpensa (Milano) -- decided not to sail, too many pirates hanging around ... Bit quicker too.

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