Saturday, 24 December 2011

no white Christmas...

We are back in Amsterdam where it is surprisingly mild and not raining or snowing and indeed -- a blue sky, forsooth!
Had a wonderful final sunset evening in Ostia

This is how it wasn't (pix from a year ago!!)
Last night beautiful concert of Christmas songs performed by group known as Les Quatre Bouches -- highly recommended.
And today much sorting out of post -- David hasn't been back to Amsterdam since he sailed away in June, southwards on Stroemhella.
Tomorrow down to Maastricht to celebrate Christmas and families -- all three grandchildren together. Really looking forward to this.
We set off early and hopefully not in the rain! Bearing four bottles of Italian vino rosso di Toscana.
Etruscan memories...
Had supper with Heather, back in our 17th-century Amsterdam house, reminisced about Italy, and wished days of peace and hope for a troubled, turbulent world...

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