Monday, 12 December 2011

sundown in Dubai

Two misses -- we saw the most magnificent sunsets, one in the desert -- flaming red as the sun sank behind the bare rim of sandy hills; and the next day over the sea, with the Burj Arab turning black against a brilliant darkening sky. Alas, I'd left my camera at home. So the next day made some attempts -- see here. But more in the watercolour version than the glorious oils!

David and I have taken up the wont of strolling along the beach at sundown -- we always meet interesting people -- often couples in need of a photographer to record their presence in Dubai. I take the camera while they pose. Last night it was a couple from Pakistan now working in Saudi Arabia. Interesting talk -- and the previous evening a young couple from Hyderabad, now living in Toronto. Forever eternalized (we hope): that moment on a Dubai beach, that December holiday...
Yesterday David and I walked along to where there is a shipyard and classic dhows are being built -- beautiful wooden boats, with long shallow keels.
The sun sinks fast. soon the sea is just a dark soughing.

 And back home to yet another delicious supper. The grown-ups eat after the tinies have gone to bed. This leads to enlightened conversation...

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