Friday, 9 December 2011

the rocky desert

Today we have an expedition into the Dubai desert.
Originally we planned to sleep over -- wonderful idea, only the silence and the stars...
But tomorrow there are Christmas activities here in town -- so postpone the sleepover for another visit.
Thus, smeared in with factor 40 suncream and bearing many bottles of water, we shall shortly depart.

The sun is as ever with us, the birds twitter jocundly (nice word, so glad I could squeeze it in!) and nearby the muezzin summons the faithful to one of the many mosques -- it is Friday.
Other faithful are attending services in the many varieties of Christian church -- everything from Roman Catholic to Pentecostal.
Not only is Dubai multi-ethnic, it is also tolerant of a great variety of religious faiths. And women don't have to have their heads covered.

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