Sunday, 4 December 2011

the darlings

It is Sunday here but that doesn't mean a day of rest. So off to work, school and other activities at an exceedingly early hour this morning.
David and I sit in the peace of this marble-floored mansion (Persian rugs on the floor, brought here from my daughter's sojourn in Iran) while outside the small birds twitter -- until the noonday heat silences them.
Attach pix of the darlings -- my grandsons Isaak and Nathan (just some of my darlings, of course!)

We plan a little visit to one of Dubai's eccentricities later this afternoon -- the Palm, artificial island lapped by the warm waves...
(The pix will come when I've found them!!)

Found: Nathan aged 2 (last week) with his present from Sint Nikolaas (alias Santa Claus and not much like Father Christmas)
Rose our friend from the Philippines who is our invaluable help in the house and nanny for the boys.

Isaak demonstrating the height of his Lego tower... (Issak turned 4 in August)

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