Monday, 5 December 2011

Torinese memories

Just before coming to Dubai we spent a week in Torino (Turin to some) where we lived between 2006 and 2010. And grew extremely fond of the city (first capital of a united Italy) and its splendid arcades and excellent restaurants, trattorie and above all, the cinema Massimo's which showed goldie oldies and a generally excellent diet of international films.

Herewith pic of Torino as seen looking across the river Po. And lovely church on corso Casale, opposite about number 190.
We visited various friends and popped into some of the shows in the superb annual Torino Film Festival (like films by Antonioni, Pasolini's Mamma Roma and the latest Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris.) All most enjoyable.
And had a fine meal (metre-long pizza) at restaurant Spaccanapoli on via Mazzini. Nobody needs to tell us why we love Italy...
We walked up the hill to Villa Gualino, where David worked for over four years (and I translated books and articles, in the splendid tranquillity high above the city's roar). Another world about to finish.
The bull of Turin forever spouting fresh water -- many a time we've rinsed our hot hands here, having puffed up the hill in the heat. I've written a poem about this hill-climb, and about leaving below the city's rumore. When I'm more adept at blogging, I'll add a link... I also have a whole heap of pix of Torino and Italy -- some of them are uploaded via Picasa. And other poems/writing too.

Outside here in Dubai velvet dark, soft and warm. The children sleep -- Judy and Christiaan out to a meeting.
Nearby the waves plashing on the beach, traffic in the distance, otherwise nocturnal peace!

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