Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wash Day in Kusadasi

Oh happy day... we wake to sunlight streaming through the portholes and a very gentle motion as of rocking... Breakfast in the cockpit, wearing sunglasses, yes yes, things are definitley heading towards Spring!! So I took loads of wash to the laundry here in the marina precincts. Lovely family who run the laundry, we scramble though our minimal linguistic possibilities but communicate lots with smiles and gesures. The lady there is also a granny, I tell her of the approaching visit of my two grandsons. She gives me a potted hyacinth in flower, sweet scented for the boat to counteract the vestiges of  motor oil, turps and fried onions.
It's a perfect day for drying, and I adorn Stroemhella with the damp socks, pyjamas and towels, giving her an air of polychrome bunting...
These pix are specially for Matteo and Alexandra, who go for the boat shots!

Stroemhella appreciates the sunshine, though I do wonder what her lovely blue colours will make of the fierce Mediterranean light in th months to come ... well, we'll have to wait and see. At present the tins of paint (blue!) ordered from a supplier in Itlay, are sitting in the Istanbul import dump, waiting for some permission which I fail to fully understand (is this a financial question, we wonder...?) However, we are undaunted by our inabilty to comprehend the intricacies of Turkish paint-import requirements, and continue to enjoy the general setting in Kusadasi.
Last night went with Frederic from Slampamper (our neighbour yacht across the pontoon) to the quarter whch specializes in fish restaurants. Had a delicious fresh grilled sea-bass. David had a plate of grilled anchovies. Simple and most satisfying.
And yes, now it's time for lunch. The washing is almost dry.


  1. one of my favorite city in Turkey like Izmir.. I really glad to meet you. Have a fun in Kusadasi.. :))

    1. We are really happy here in Kusadasi and enjoy many aspects of this city. I love the old parts, the tiny roadways as you climb uphill, the street markets, and the many freindly people whom we meet. Take care, keep in touch.