Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Roma citta eterna, no pope, no government

But still full of people and palaces and rushing motor bikes, and cursing taxi drivers, and endless pizzeria places... What a wonderful city, it really has something unique (I suppose this is true of every city!).
The day I arrived was sunny and delightful, I took a taxi from Termini Station to viale Giulio Cesare, via the Vatican area where at present no pope lingers behind the high walls. But all the pomp and ceremony waits for the next chap to be elected. And it doesn't really seem to matter, the rush goes on, the coffee continues to be served, the pizzas munched...

Spent a wonderful day visiting some churches (Santa Maria Maggiore, and the basilica of Santa Prassede) and museums (palazzo Venezia) and just wandering down these streets that are every architectural historian's delight.

Above, S. Maria Maggiore; to the right, a close-up of the ceiling. A lot of gold abounding...

Above, some very musical angels with a 'canon' on which you can read the music notes, and the words of the chant written underneath, in Latin. Above centre: God's eye, within a triangle, and  encircled by angels' heads.

After the metaphysics, I explored the contrast of ancient stones and modern streets.

Then it was time for lunch ... always a delight in Italy.

And after that, more walking and papal reflections...
Below, the three-tiared fountain at the edge of Vatican city.

And a pope in repose, now lying in the gallery of palazzo Venezia, home of many fine Roman paintings and works of art from ancient and medieval times.

Tonight another splendid Roman meal, da Marco and Fabio, at the pizzeria Ragno d'Oro, which translates as the Golden Spider (via Silla number 26, for those who are looking for a fine Roman meal...). Not absolutely sure what this name signifies...

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