Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rome in the rain

Very wet all day. The black street tiles swim under streaming water, colourful umbrellas abound. The hopeful ex-pats from African countries flourish bouquets of collapsable brollies, and beseech you, the ill-equipped tourist, to buy one from them. I don't, becasue tomorrow I have to fly back to Turkey and my case already weighs over 18 kilos...
Happily, there is many a museum into which to dive. So first a palace near piazza Navone (home of the stunning Bernini fountains) where, being ancient, I am allowed in free... (This never ceases to amaze me in Itlay: all those aged over 65 have free entrance to state museums, monuments and so forth.)
Here a pic of the famous Trevi fountain, taken almost a year ago, on a non-rainy day. Didn't take any pix today, just looked... A couple of days ago an exhibition opened in the Quirinale palazzo, about the painter Titian. Needless to say, a stunning collection of his pictures, spanning his long working life. The English texts were amazing, the kind of non-English (??I presume translation) that almost sounds as if it really means something, but leaves the reader wondering what if anything is actually being said... Mind-boggling. I couldn't do this kind of writing even if I tried (well, maybe if I tried hard). Sometimes quite hilarious.  It didn't really matter because the paintings are so powerful that no words are needed. A total joy. First Chagall, and now Titian. I am being fed most deliciously!
So home with the crowds through the rainy streets (people are always so helpful when I ask the way, often accompany me until I can see my goal: today the metro of Barberini).
My last supper, made by Francesca: pasta followed by fresh mixed salad and finishing with a sumptuous orange from Lazio.
Tomorrow goodbye Italy for three weeks...
I haven't mentioned the many conversations I have had, about the dire political situation (in Italy, though elsewhere too...). This requires another and more sober chapter.
So here a friendly lion from the Villa Medici.
And a view down the Tiber...

And twilight in Rome.

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