Monday, 11 March 2013

Turkish delight...

Well, I had to get that in somewhere... So back to Kusadasi, where for the first two days it simply poured, and I felt comforted by the thought that rain is exceedingly wet wherever one is...
But today, Sunday, David and I awoke to shining brightness, had breakfast outside in the cockpit, stretched our bare toes in the sunshine, felt most happy, and realized how lucky we are.
Now back to concentrating on these lengthy Turkish words, which I am pleased to say I can now sometimes distinguish when I listen to people talking... Gradually my vocabulary expands, though my active command is shamefully small... I can, however, tell people that I am a grandmother (buyukanne) which elicits approving smiles.
David is busy disembowelling the boat, so I creep in contortions between forests of colourful electric wires, and have even managed to sort out winter and summer clothing. I am assuming summer won't be far away...

Another wonderful sunset this evening, and sat chatting outside with two Dutch friends, met last year, who have their boat Fram on the pontoon nearby; I was quite amazed that I could still speak Dutch, after the weeks of French, German and Italian.
David has discovered the exceedingly good marina canteen, where lunch is provided for the people working at the marina, all for the astonishingly small sum of 3.5 euros. The meals consists of soup, main meat or fish course, rice or bulgur or equivalent, cooked veg, bowl of yogurt, plentiful fresh salad, fruit or Turkish cookies... and of course, chai, tea. And it is very tasty. We are great fans.

Suppertime now. I will dash off an onion-enriched omelette and some lightly sauteed veg... sound good?

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