Monday, 11 March 2013

Follonica, west coast of Italy

Took the train in Torino and down the coast to Follonica, in Tuscany.
After a slightly overcast day, it becamse spring, mimosa, sweet soft wind, and more adventures in the Tuscan hills.
Went for a wonderful meal with Roberta's family, in Istia d'Ombone, close to Grosseto.
The meal was prepared by Roberta's brother-in-law who is a chef. It was utterly delicioso...

Here som pix of the jollities.

The above pic shows Roberta and Walter in their kitchen abd the wondrous fish soup prepared by Walter's bother, Antonio. Until retirement Antonio dived for shell fish, as a profession. Now he just does it for fun.
Returning in the dusk to Follonica we watched the light fade across the Maremme and decline into the distant sea. A quiet drive home, end of the weekend's favourite day, Saturday!

This is a small Tuscan hill village called Montepesali.

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