Thursday, 22 November 2012

Oman days and sunsets...

Oman: too much to tell in one blog, and we are planning to see Rigoletto here in Dubai this evening, concert performance by Italian group... So here just a foretaste. Five days not nearly long enough, especially to appreciate the rugged splendours of the Omani mountiains.
Our Muscat adventure is a chapter in itself. Encounter with runaway wife plus her six-month-old baby ... to come later.
Then we went to the pre-booked resort at Jebel Shams (over 2,000 feet up in the rocky rugged mountians south ot Nizwa). Splendid views, excellent food, very helpful staff (multi-lingual!).
The Balcony Walk looked like this:

Many breath-taking views. David and I did the Balcony Walk, about two-and-a-half hours each way; hard on the feet and leg muscles (I noticed this the following day!) But altogether stunning.
Some happy moments with the local goats (over-friendly!) Here they come to say 'hi' to David:

And then back to our one-roomed chalet to contemplate the glories of the setting sun, seen from a high point. Lasted nearly an hour.
More about the resort tomorrow.

Back to Dubai, after a night in Muscat and a delicious meal in a Pakistani restaurant, costing only three euros (in Omani reales).
Stayed in the highly recommended Sun City Hotel; only one cockroach in the bathroom. And a great awareness of global problems:

More stories to come about the mountains, and unhappy marriages, and the welcoming Omanis.

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