Sunday, 25 November 2012

Birthday for my grandson

I remember the day he was born; hardly seems long ago. Now he is three years old, able to converse with me about the Gruffalo, Super Worm and other heroes... He has a tremendous sense of the absurd, and is altogether (most of the time) a delightful companion.

His mummy (my daughter) organized a wonderful children's party for some other three-year-old friends and the fun began with Isaak and Nathan in the paddling pool, before guests arrived.
Being Dubai, it was not surprisinly a multi-ethnic gathering of children and parents. Judy made a splendid birthday cake (chocoltae of course), cut it into a rocket shape and adorned it with Nathan's name. We all sang Happy Birthday and wished him a long life in de gloria: this is the Dutch addition which I am never quite sure how to interpret... "Long may he live in glory" ??

Nathan was amazingly calm about this momentous day and walked round smiling contentedly and saying to himself "Happy birthday Nathan". The gold-medal-winning present was from Rose, who comes from the Philippines, and has looked after the boys for the past three years. She (brilliantly) gave Nathan an aeroplane that lights up and makes a whirring noise. Joy of any small boy's heart.
Most astonishing of all, throughout the day there was hardly any howling or screaming; of course, from time to time parental intevention was required. But on the whole, Maria Montessori would have been pleased.
Birthday Boy contemplates his red balloon...

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