Sunday, 25 November 2012

A night in Muscat

The hotel lived up to its Lonely Planet promise... And only one cockroach.
Very spacious rooms and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
And how about this for environmental awareness??
Having unpacked and sorted out our early morning departure for the next day, we set off to look for somewhere to eat. An abundanceon offer! We found a Pakistani-run restaurant seving the most delicious dal for me and grilled fish with rice for David and what the waiter told me was Tandoori bread. Water to wash our food down, and to finish a wondrous sweet dessert somewhat resembling halva. All for three euros.
While we ate the men streamed out of the mosque across the road and into the restaurant. A mixture of Pakistanis, Indians and Omanis (I go by their clothing...)
Then back into the dark and to our hotel for an early night (after grateful hot shower in our room).
We like Muscat!
This was out spacious room...
Tomorrow back to Dubai.

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