Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Kusadasi conversations...

Today I collected my Turkish resident's permit, allowing me to leave and re-enter the country and live aboard Stroemhella, without having to count the weeks I've already been here (kinda complicated ...). So now David and I can pop off to Amsterdam, Dubai or Torino like free-flying birds...

We visited a ceramics 'factory' in the old part of the town and had a fascinating talk with (?) the owner, who was delighted when I recognized some of the tiny boxes he had on display in the shop. They are hand-painted on bone, showing minute detailed scenes and figures, and when you open the lid there is a tiny tray within, which also lifts up. A secret place for rings or earrings, or maybe a lock of hair. When I was in Iran a few years ago and visited Isfahan, I watched the craftsmen painting boxes like these. Work of immense beauty, tiny treasures.  So we talked about the lovely places we knew in Iran, Shiraz, Persepolis, Yazd, Esfahan, Tabriz... and the beautiful objects and fabrics produced there... the craftsmanship passed on through the centuries. Our Turkish friend travelled there for his work, selling his ceramics, buying Persian art works. Commerce knows no boundaries, connects people, defies political regimes.
He enjoyed chatting with us, offered us a glass of (delicious) apple tea, then wanted to show us the video of what he told us the day that changed his life. Share happiness, why not! It was a delightful video (we watched it on his laptop) showing the scene when he got engaged to be married, aboard a yacht in Kusadasi harbour. He told us how he had kept it a secret from his beloved, and arranged with her office, where she works as a lawyer, for her to have the day off. Her surprise was apparent (I must add here, he went down on one knee on the deck, and asked her to marry him... his father, standing in the shop  beside us, added "Very romantic!") and the young lady wept and they hugged and kissed and indeed happiness abounded. He told us that was three years ago and he has no regrets.
Nice stories...
We're leaving Kusadasi in a few days (but will return) to visit the family in Dubai. Here a picture of the most ravishing sunset -- colours for real! -- which we witnessed a couple of days ago.

We meet other pensioners (retired folk like us!) spending sunny days on ther boats -- our yachts are clustered round pontoons I and J. Last night we had a couple 'round' for supper, Edi and Almouth, who have just completed a circumnavigation lasting about 15 years, in their cosy yacht Single Malt. Kusadasi to Kusadasi and oceans and continents in between, with periodic sojourns on land. Wonderful stories, such interesting people. Later our next-door-boat neighbour Georg, joined us and we had great talks about the world and commerce and nations and political leaders and poetry (that was my contribution) and global warming and the production of plastic and how to excape pollution... Well, meaty stuff!
Then after the guests have gone and the dishes are washed and stored away and the lights are turned out, we sit awhile in the sweet night, quiet in the back cockpit, only the soft lapping of the water on the boats' sides, and the soft warm air enfolds us, and we know what it is to be blessed.
Good to be here in Kusadasi.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful stories! Quite envy you and David. I wish we could visit you someday. With a little support, Hélène is kind of walking now. She would be so fascinated to explore everywhere in Stroemhella!

    Love from three of us