Friday, 10 August 2012

Tuscan hilltops

We visited the little village of Scarlino and discovered a lovely Madonna Lactans calmly adorning the church wall there.
Here she is, a triptych effect with St Sebastian and a bishop-like saint whom I have as yet not identified... Any suggestions?

From above in Scarlino the Tuscan countryside is a patchwork of cornfields and olive groves. And beyond is the sea, stretching towards Elba. Or if you look northwards, towards Livorno.
So quiet in these noonday streets, very few tourists here -- though we did spot both Dutch and French number plates on visiting cars...

Today we are going out in Roberta and Walter's shared sailboat -- hopefully can swim off the side...
Needless to say, the weather continues to be a delight. The waves glint gently, the air really does caress the bare skin. Tomorrow I travel northwards via Pisa (airport) where David will arrive from Istanbul -- and then we join the family at an agriturismo north of Lucca.

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