Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Basking in the bay...

From here, you can see the isle of Elba, once Napoleon's home. He had a very pleasant house there, atop a hill; can't think why he ever wanted to leave... We visited Elba a couple of years ago, dropping anchor off its rocky coast. Lovely small island. I am now staying with our Italian friends, Roberta and Walter, whom we met three years ago in Marina Arnovecchio, and with whom we have now sailed quite a bit. They live on the 20th floor of the highest building in Follonica, whence an utterly stunning view. See earlier blogs; they also came for a sail when we were in Ostia.
Here a summertime view from the balcony of their apartment. The sea is full of shapes and patterns. The wind gets up in the afternoon and then grows quiet towards evening.

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