Saturday, 4 August 2012

Across and through the mountains...

Never able to decline the prospect of alliteration: here I am in perfect Perugia... A fairly lengthy journey from Tolentino by bus (Italian pullman) and then a train from Fabriano (where I had a two-hour wait, made pleasanter by meeting Sharon, a fellow Canadian and enterprising lady, on the way back from the States to join her husband and eight-year-old daughter and almost at the end of husband's sabbatical in Italy; so we crossed the road to a welcoming Pasticceria, and I had one of my Italian delights -- spremuta d'arancia ((fresh-squeezed orange juice)) while Sharon had a tub of gelato, obviously she'd been missing that...).
From Fabriano to Foligno and after another train change, onto the final lap -- to Perugia. We passed Assisi, seen from the southeast -- wonderful sight in the afternoon sunlight, a kind of Jerusalem, with its pinnacle and many towers.
Reached Perugia and followed my instructions to the minimetro, helped by voluble students, and even given a m-metro ticket by young woman who said it was still valid for an hour. Thank you, unknown friend!
The mini-metro climbs steeply uphill to reach the historic centre of Perugia. It is a tiny car, on a tiny track, quite scary. Happily there was someone else travelling up too. At the top I found more helpful people, who told me about a short cut to Corso Vannucci. I learned that this was the name of the painter I knew as Perugino (Pietro Vannucci, detto...)
Easy to find Hotel Fortuna. Lovely very old building, and as ever in Italy, beautifully appointed! They have given me a double room, bit more space -- though it is beside one of the tiny lifts, or ascensore, which creaks and bangs when used...But I don't complain. It's only on the second floor so I walk up and down the stairs! Daily exercise, part of...
Perugia is a total delight. Here some pix, showing the ancientness and the terracotta tiles I love so much.

The above stairs also formed part of my daily exercise. Did I mention that I have decided to become vegetarian? More of this later. So far have attained three-months in the non-meat-eating mode... So far so good.
And more soon about Perugino and his incomparable murals... No pix of those, cameras not allowed. But a visit much to be encouraged!
Here a pic from iside the Perugia duomo; I like the scaffolding, adds quite a modernist touch.

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