Sunday, 26 August 2012

Rain in Limburg

Grandson Isaak and I tried to think of an adequate word to imitate the sound of the rain pelting down. Certainly not pitter-patter or plash... After weeks of sun in Greece, Italy (and even Amsterdam) the heavens opened and sluiced the land.
Just spent a wonderful weekend amid the green hills of Limburg, close to the Dutch-Belgian border. Enjoyed seeing the three grandchildren together and both my "children" under one roof for a short time.
Drove back from Maastricht to Dordrecht and left half my progeny (!) and then caught the train back to Amsterdam.
Gradually the flatlands conquer, the horizon stretches further away, the fields grow geometrical, with bands of green and coloured stripes of flowers -- gladioli, chrysanthemums, roses...
Back to the messy city with its many languages and its narrow streets. Caught some evening views of the light on the canal waters, always lovely. The ubiquitous bicycles leaning against a canal bridge...

City where I have lived now almost 43 years. Does that make it home?
And here it the view from just round the corner, which I pass almost every day when I'm here...
Prinsengracht, corner Vijzelgracht.

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