Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sempre il sole... (sun still shining...)

Chatted to the beautiful young Italian couple sitting beside me in the plane (Elena and Massimo!) and in my head the voices of my grandchildren echoing like clear bells. So back to an empty house, but the sun here too (though the air not so balmy) and quickly unpacked, restoring objects to their appropriate places.
About midnight heard voices, noise, outside my front window (curtains by now drawn) and when I peeped outside, saw police van and two stalwart agents with client, face and body being pressed against van, handcuffs being attached, one policeman fouillering (does this word really exist in English??) The guy was very tall, dressed completely in black, young, longish dark hair, but had his face against the police van so I couldn't really see him. He appeared not to protest or struggle -- but maybe I had missed the dramatic prologue... The police asked him a few things and he replied briefly. Then he was bundled into the rear seat of the van, which backed smoothly down the street (ours is one-way and has small posts at the far end to prevent traffic from hurtling through -- much approved by the parents who live here. (I mean the posts, not the traffic!!)) In front of my house a bike lay twisted on the ground. I picked it up next morning. It was a woman's bike, padlocked. Altogether a curious scene with the police outside but not really scary -- like watching a film when you know everything will turn out OK. But I would like to know what it was all about.

Back in Amsterdam now, remembering the mountains and the bright air. Sunset over Tuscany.

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