Tuesday, 28 April 2015

More widening of the world...

Seems to me my blog is becoming an account of a spiritual journey as well as a physical one ... across the churning sea into quiet harbours ... like G.M. Hopkins's Nun's Prayer :

I have desired to go
where no storms blow ...
and I have longed to be...
out of the swell of the sea

That's not exactly an accurate quote but suggests the gist of the poem. Yes, I could do without the choppy waves and the rolling swell.
On the other hand (as they say) I have loved the adventures of the past ten years or so ... for I have filled my head with such glorious scenes, talked with so many different people (in so many languages!), tasted so many scrumptious foods, sampled so many different wines ... and so on.
Have slept lulled under the moon and the stars and rolled, Ulysses-like, across the wine-dark sea in search of Ithaca.
But now I think it's time to stop and walk across dry land. Well, some sandy or even pebbly beaches will also be acceptable!
Another month and then I'll fly back northwards (Catania - Torino - Amsterdam).
But I already know I will miss the the lonely sea and the sky... Always ambivalence.

(line from John Masefield's Sea Fever)

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