Monday, 27 April 2015

Farewell Bari...

Now in Brindisi, left Bari two days ago.
Wind on the nose all the time, just motored over the choppy sea.
Stopped at Polignano for one night. Was Italian Liberation day (after WWII) and wonderful atmosphere in the little citta.
We'll stay here in Brindisi for a couple of days till the wind dies down.
The sailing report is generally a good one ... though small things go wrong with the mechanics of the boat.
But the food is excellent (home cooking!), and we purchased a two-lite bottle of vino rosso before leaving Bari.
Have not yet achieved a pleasant cooperative atmosphere wuth the three of us on the boat ... I must learn more about controlling my anger: but now understand how it rises from long-hidden layers of fear and disappointment.
So every day a new one!
On we go...

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