Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May Day and no marches...

We have rounded the heel of Italy and are resting in the harbour (well, one of the marinas) of the Italian Gallipoli.
Beautiful weather and brilliant sunsets.
Our crew (me included) are somewhat stymied by twisted ankle, torn tendon, and intestinal bugs.
But as I lie feeling slightly seasick during our long crossings from port to port, I have much time to muse and meditate.
So that's good, even if my pleasing conclusions don't get written down and just waft away on the wind...
Today is 5 May, Liberation Day in the Netherlands. And yesterday was Remembrance Day, recalling all those killed, murdered, and in other ways who died, in all the wars of the past centuries... (more or less).
We lowered our boat's flag to half mast and stood silent for two minutes.
We do not forget.

Wonderful weather day after day (they say, perfect for sailing!) and I sit happily, confined to the boat because of my sprained foot.
Soon we will sail on to Taranto; hoping for dances...

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