Monday, 11 May 2015

And so to Sicily

In May, Proserpina's month ... I see her with blossoms in her arms ...
Things improve daily on the boat, almost all her blemishes have been smoothed over, she creaks happily in her mooring ropes anxious to be off once more.
We have filled her with soft words (and much music) and each day enjoy delicious meals and quaff a glass or two wonderful Italian wine!
If we have favouring winds we shall set off tomorrow for Sicily ... a long crossing, but our crew has many years' experience.
I still can't do much lifting or dancing, but manage to make a meal from time to time, and assiduously sweep the floor each day (always amazed by the quantity of sand, dust, hairs and breadcrumbs that accumulate in 24 hours).
I learn a lot.
Meditating as I gaze out across the wide waters...
Look forward to walking on land once more (have now been on the boat twelve days, simply pirouetting for exercise!) and have made a list of memorable sites or sights in Sicily.
Taranto, possibly, waits for a future visit...

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