Sunday, 26 July 2015

July in Amsterdam

Yes, I'm still here... busy life being a travelling Granny...
Today it is raining in Amsterdam, soft pattering on the green leaves and the grateful ground.
My garden is very happy.
Yesterday there was a mighty wind in the afternoon: trees crashed down, people were warned not to go outside, it was the strongest wind here since 1901 (when records were started, I believe).
The weather is certainly behaving strangeley.
A few weeks ago here it was 36 degrees Celsius. I was very happy, and fortunately my kind next door neighbours watered my garden over the fence with their hose, thereby saving my wilting plants.
I have been very bust clearing my house ... emptying boxes brought years ago from England, which I've never had enough time to sort out.
Making fascinating discoveries: old photos, letters from long ago, from people I had forgotten, or from people with whom I have lost touch.
It is like discovering hidden riches.
I've also been re-learning Spanish, picking it up again after twelve years ... helped immeasurably by my knowledge of Italian (and French and English of course).
Greatly enjoying it.
In fact, must now go and do my homework for tomorrow's lesson.
And great joy this evening, with the arrival of my daughter Judy and Christiaan and the three grandchildren.
Have made the house all clean and ready, and prepared food, to welcome the weary travellers...


  1. Hi there. So nice to see this posting. Have you stopped sailing? We are still based in Turkey and we had a wonderful two months sailing in Greece this May and June. Now the boat is at the marina in Kas while we are in Austria for a few weeks, staying cool at the lakes by Mond See. Back to Turkey in early Sept. Best to you... Laura and Mark

    1. Hello dear Laura and Mark, this time from Bali! Visiting my daughter and family who live in Brunei (for a few years!) In December we go back to Amsterdam. Or boat is in Cartagena, Spain. We met up there with friends from Finike where we overwintered two years ago! I still love this life, so rich and varied.Of course, there's a very dark side at present but, being largely a historian, I have gained a great sense of perspective about human cruelty. Main difference today is that we can all Tweet our prejudices before we have time to consider... Well, bit topic, for another day. come and visit us in Amsterdam! Take care, greetings from David and me. Lots of shalom.