Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Thoughts in Finike Marina

Little kinda poem I wrote in mid-March (2014) sitting on our boat Stroemhella here in the marina.

Soon the snow will melt on the encircling mountains
the brown rock re-emerge
the air will daily grow warmer, kinder
stroking the bare feet
gladdening the bare back
And the waters will gain a new light
more subtle truquoise
paler aquamarine.
The many masts in the harbour will sprout sails, white or tan
The prows will nose out beyond the breakwater
into the bay where centuries ago
the last battle was fought between Byzantine and Arab ships
which the Arabs won.
Today, with fewer watery disputes
we can still sail away to other lands
and our sterns fade into the far horizon
like snow melting in the sun....

(Wendie Shaffer, 2014)

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