Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Isles of Greece

There is so much water in between ... and then the days are so long, fluttering through so many changes ... is there enough wind to cross this stretch of water, and is the sea state smooth enough?
Each one we reach turns out to be a jewel ... Simi, Nisyros, Kos ... each striking in its own way ... I take photos, edit them on my laptop and post them on Facebook. For all the world to see.
Storing up colourful pages with which to brighten the grey days of winter.
Am thinking of writing memoirs of our time in Turkey (title of course is Two years in Turkey) and for this I shall retire for a time from blog-epistles ... as you note, dear faithful followers, the production has been somewhat sparse this year.
Don't worry, I have been making many photos and jotting down memorable thoughts in one of my Women 's Travel Diaries... Wrote a lot about our (almost) two weeks in the land of the Kurds, last November. Antalya to Gaziantep to Diyabakir and back... An unforgettable experience.
I would forget the astonishing details were I not to write them and catch, hold them, forever.

One thing I will always remember: as soon as we left Turkish waters and approached Simi (Greek island Symi) the appearance of the place changed dramatically. Of course, there were the ubiquitous domed Greek churches perched in high places, in marked contract to the elegant minarets of the equally ubiquitous mosques.
But, as well as the language, the very smell of garlic seemed to change ... yet the people are the same. The woman who we encountered off the Turkish coast selling bead necklaces from her small boat with its outboard motor, could have been the sister of the shopkeeper selling me croissants on Simi.
So I have enough fuel to furnish me for many months ... and hope to get a lot written when once again on terra firma, in June.
Ciao for a while.

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