Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Farewell to Finike

There has not been time (for all the visions and revisions...) and now we are about to leave Turkey, with a small smattering of phrases, but certainly the right sounds in our ears, so that if we hear someone chatting on a tram in Amsterdam, we'll know when they are speaking Turkish.
There were a hundred and one things to do getting the boat ready, like washing the sails (big job) and hoisting them to dry, stocking up with non-perishable foodstuffs, filling the tank with water, checking that all the lights work and the anchor really does descend, and much more...
Now almost ready to go, and one last expedition planned for tomorrow to visit a ruin atop a nearby hill, ancient remains of Roman presence here.
The sun increases in warmth (in fact, I already need to apply lots of suncream before venturing off the boat) and we have grown accustomed to the pattern of strong wind getting up during the morning and then dying down late afternoon. This is one reason why we plan an early getaway on Thursday, to round the headland and get the wind on our beam. Then Westward ho!
I am not really looking forward to the actual sailing, but I guess it will be OK. We have new dynamics on the boat with three of us instead of two, and Dany speaking only French. I noticed what a joy it was when English speakers arrived in the marina here, to be able to speak my best-known language! But it has been great fun practsing my French and German (and of course, from time to time, recalling my Dutch!!).
Today, unfortuantely, I woke with an excruciating pain in my back, lower left, David made me a hot-water-bottle and I took several ibuprofenon, and even diagnosed the cause: watching a film (very enjoyable, titled Juno, about a 16-year-old US school student) yesterday evening in the marina "Porthole" I must have been sitting badly, or even in a draught... anyway, it is very paintful so I am shortly returning to the horizontal.
No poems for today. But the words continue marching around in my head, like the Grand Old Duke of York. Not sure where they get to...
Won't be writing blog for a while now because we may not have internet. But I'll be tapping on my laptop and composing fine thoughts in my handy small black book.
Alors, adieu tout le monde, pour un petit temps...


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