Saturday, 3 May 2014

The yachts are departing...

A typical morning in Finike marina ... David wakes first and I hear him tapping away on his laptop (we have identical laptops except mine is a slightly older model with fewer bells and whistles...).
Then he brings me a cup of chay (either elma/apple or the wonderful green tea that is an ongoing gift from Shenghui, lightly scented, refreshing way to start the day).
Breakfast takes place in the back cockpit, beneath the bimini, back warmed by the already friendly sun.
I wash up while David does more boatish admin. and answers emails  and so forth.
Then sometimes I take some washing in a bucket, clamber off Stroemhella, walk down the pontoon (we are one of the boats right at the end) and into the laundry room, where I often encounter another boatie, either washing clothes, or sails, or doing the dishes.
Chats ensue, either in French, German, Dutch or English (no Italian speakers at present).
Such a delightful group of people. There is a real sense of community, of problems shared, or rejoicings celebrated (lots of good wishes for me and David on the birth of our new granddaughter).
I sing as I stroll around the marina, and watch the sky where now the swallows swoop.
This past week many yachts have left for their summer cruises ... I've collected a quantity of email and Facebook addresses.
Despite the many jobs to do, there is a great sense of peace here ... I think it's due to the open sea, glittering  beyond the breakwater, and the mountains that embrace this coast.

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