Saturday, 27 July 2013

New York, New York, part 2

Some impressions, not recollected in anything like tranquillity...
Spent two days in the Met. Worlds upon worlds... Then another day in the Brooklyn Museum.
Begin to understand, just a little, layering this new insight onto what I know (scanty!) of US history, art, literature.

I sit in the subway, and watch enthralled, so many different faces, expressing everything in human experience, Goya would have loved this...
Today went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, here the faces not so varied, a middle-class range.
Wonderful weather.
Here some pix.

Again I must stop, dinner arranged downtown (Korean restaurant this time).
More faces...
In between, I sleep, deep and untroubled in Jane and Rafael's home. Rafael cooks superb meals. And every morning makes Jane and me a mug of real coffee.

Brooklyn brownstone. Art deco window in the back door...

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