Saturday, 3 August 2013

Is this home again?

I pick up my pen once more (metaphorically speaking) in Amsterdam, where I have just jetted in fro Boston, to encounter the annual Gay Parade; this time it seemed to center on the stretch of Prinsengracht just round the corner from where I live.
Happily, I arrived at dawn, and was taxied home through silent streets, under gently blowing branches of the very green trees lining the roads. So I had time to sleep before the trumpets began...
Thousands of people happily dancing in the streets, not too much drunkenness observed, and many very exotic costumes, with a quantity of elegant flesh revealed.
Tomorrow I'll try to recapture some of my impressions from the superb New York and Boston museums I visited.
Now I have to re-establish my Europena time zone and re-pack a suitcase for Turkey.
A final view from Brooklyn (the Roman touch)...

This is the delightful stained glass in the back door in Jane and Rafael's house. Brooklyn brownstone. As I already mentioned. Seems a good pic on which to close...

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