Tuesday, 27 August 2013

some Middle East places...

From Dubai to the southern tip of Oman.
 Monsoon land. After arid deserts, into a misty hilly countryside. Luxuriant and very very green... see pix! Sometimes when we were driving along a narrow winding road, the mist rolled swifly over us, thick white softness enveloped us; this could last for a long time, the car crawled, sometimes there were rear lights to follow, often there was nothing.
This is the southern part of Oman, around the town/city of Salalah. We had a delightful hotel booked by Judy, the Marriott Hotel resort right beside the sea, where the air was warm and humid (though very cold and air-co-ed inside!).
This was my birthday treat. All one delight after another.
Lots of adventures, hills to climb, pools to swim in, delicious meals to enjoy (I particularly recommend the splendid extensive breakfasts provided by our hotel). On my birthday they spontaneously made me a cake complete with candle and greeting in choloate letters decorating the dish. It was  a most happy occasion.
the verdant valleys (mosquito filled...)

the arid coast (castle ruins)

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