Tuesday, 23 July 2013

New York, New York...

Travel too fast, talk to too many people. Head spins with flashes of faces, snippets of voices, new sounds, new tastes, a wonderful whirling so that I gasp for respite... Here at last, a day in Brooklyn, after the wedding, after the heatwave.
Leaving Portland I went to Menlo Park, reviving memories of our Stanford days. Saw a hilarious production of Boeing Boeing by the ?Menlo Park players: how wonderful live theatre is, how it excels film, TV, video and so forth, excellent as they are for a cold night!
Then up to Berkeley, another scene, and then down to Santa Cruz to stay with my dear cousin Nomi, whom I had met just over a year ago in Como, Italy (see blog).
Celebrated Independence Day with her and her friend Kurt and people from the architects' bureau (company) where Kurt works.
Watched fireworks in the back (actually, front) yard.
I have a feeling I've alreadt written some of this on my blog; doesn't really matter, distance always adjusts memory...
Read The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, borrowed from Nomi, and then gave it to cousin Joanne when I'd finished. Enjoyed it a lot, the telling by the daughter of Leah, first wife of Jacob in the OT, about her brothers and half brothers, a superb imagining of women's life at the time. The protaganist, Dinah, becasme a 'midwife'. She tells her story until her death and after, in an utterly satisfying manner. I had no trouble with anachronisms (there weren't any as far as I noticed). Highly Recommended!
After staying with my aunt I drove with cousin Joanne to her home in Encino, LA. Hot! But it was lovely, I felt so welcome, didn't matter that there had been a flood a couple of weeks before and the downstairs was filled with packing cases...
(I tried to attach a dismal pic here of the box-filled living room... too slow here...)
And from LA flew with United Air to NY. Now a good story: when I picked my suitcase off the carousel, a large chunk was missing (fortuantely just the outer shell, so nothing lost). I went to report this and was swiftly supplied with another identical (nearly) case by Samsonite... more soon about this but now must pause now for Brynn and the twins who have just come home...

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