Friday, 5 July 2013

Independence Day and what is freedom....

The sun shines, the sky is blue, the birds sing, this is California and it is quite different from Boston, Oregon or Texas! I walk down the streets and enjoy the gardens filled with flowers and there is a quietness here all the time, and at night when the dark is deep, I hear the sound of the water trickling in the garden pond and occasionally the distant piano of the neighbour playing Chopin Nocturnes and the call of the mocking bird.
We went to an Independence Day party at friend's and talked of many things and watched the fireworks sprouting golden stars. The kids tried to recite for me the Declaration and when I heard the words I felt very sad... Ah well, I suppose the dreams and the ideals should always remain, even though the reality shatters hope.
 Tomorrow I undertake another advenutre, first by bus to San Luis Obispo and then the Amtrak to Ventura where I'll meet one of my cousins. For a few days I'll stay with my aunt (younger sister of my father) and then further south in California.

Later on I'll fly to New York for my nephew's wedding. I now have less than a month here, the time begins to gather up its skirts and soon will be rustling by...
But here time is still moving gently, and I softly walk down to a yoga class, enjoying the sun on my back, observing the flowers in the gardens, saying "Good morning" to the passers-by.
 This is the front hall in Nomi's house. The building dates from about 1910, is a charming huse with beautiful Jugendstil touches.
part of Nomi's living room
There is no internet at my aunt's so a hiatus in the blog for some days... California dreaming ...

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