Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Seaweed and dragging anchor...

This is a tale of heroic proportions, of fortitude in the face of peril, and so forth...
We arrived in a small bay just around the headland from Bodrum, and cast anchor, for a late lunch. Difficult, lots of weed, but finally David thought it held, though he didn't reverse at full strength nor did he turn on the anchor alarm.
We had another of Karen's colourful salad lunches and all felt very happy, quite a bit of breeze but the boat seemed steady.
After clearing away I installed my new DigiD and then David and Karen started looking at the stern gland which was leaking, and were trying to solve this... when a mighty shout arose from outside, together with a strange grating creaking sound on the hull of Stroemhella ... we rushed onto the deck (yes I know one should never rush on a yacht!!) only to see a row of gullets moored close by and a lot of Turkish sailors motioning us to move away fast... we had dragged our anchor right acoss the bay.
Unfortunately, we could not locate our anchor (David had not dropped the tripping-line float!) and even more sad was David's discovery, when he did find our anchor emergeing from the bottom, that it was entangled with the chain of one of the Turkish gullets.
I now have to pause for lunch (salad of course) and will continue this tale of fearsome fortitude once we have hung up the washing and other household delights...
The picture shows a passageway in the temple of Apollo at Didyma.

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