Tuesday, 30 April 2013

In Gocek marina

There is more than one marina at Gocek. We are in the most down-market one which happens to be the best situated should we need to take Stroemhella out of the water (because of her leaking stern gland).
But it has the most superb modern facilities (like showers, pretty cafes shaded by palm trees and so forth).
Today we had a visit from a mechanic recommended to us by Wim van Dam, neighbourly Dutchman from Rotterdam, and were promised that a couple of hours' work tomorrow morning (the first of May, to boot!) and all should be well.
Meanwhile we dream of oranges and pomegranates and wonder sbout the inauguration of the Dutch monarch (first king for a long time) and feel completely happy, David having constructed a clever wind funnel which effectively vools the interior of Stroemhella. And last night there were no mosquitoes inside my net!

Here is Stroemhella at the jetty in Knidos.

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